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Rocketman (2019)


A biopic film based on the legend: Elton John. It revolves around the different stages of his life and the hardships he endured. From growing up in an unstable family with a passion for music to a millionaire, flamboyant pop star struggling with addiction. Although commonly compared to Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman takes a bolder approach of heavily displaying the issues Elton had with drugs, sexuality, and love. 

Similar to Mamma Mia! And Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman revolves around the discography of the artist – Elton John. The singing and music scenes are phenomenal. Taron Egerton did a great job of remaking John’s songs and performances. The camerawork and effect during these musical scenes had me speechless. They made the musical scenes 10x more interesting for viewers aren’t a fan of the music or Elton John. 

The story and film moved pretty quickly because some of the plots were summed up into five-minute creative, musical scenes. I liked this because it didn’t lose the viewer’s attention and embedded the musical aspect of the film. 

The directing from Dexter Fletcher is amazing. All the scenes smoothly transitioned to the next leaving no confusion. The camerawork and directing during the musical scenes are beautiful.

The writing is very interesting. It goes heavily in-depth of the realistic, downside of a celebrity (Elton John) and explicitly delves into the drugs and sex. However, I don’t enjoy this because it gave a sorrowful, dark tone to the film. This one of the reasons why I liked Bohemian Rhapsody better (although we shouldn’t compare them).

The costumes and outfits were amazing. However, I don’t think that there was much creativity from them going into the film because most, if not all, were once worn by Elton John so there was no creative input for the film. But, Elton’s costumes are very creative and unique.

I liked the storytelling effect of the film from where Taron (Elton) goes to rehab to narrate his whole life story from a young boy to fame and then to rehab. This allowed me to enjoy the ending 10x better because it circled back to the beginning and was just a smooth opening and closing.

The acting and cast are spectacular. Taron Egerton is amazing. The small things he expressed in his character (emotions, facial, crying, pain) were all so believable and realistic. Elton John in the movie was not an easy character to play. Egerton 100% resembled John and conveyed the emotions of each scene. And his singing and performance are phenomenal for an actor to mimic. 

Rocketman is a well-produced and written film. Fans of and also fans that aren’t of Elton John should watch it because it goes beyond talking about John’s life and further into the general life of celebrities. Although the film is underrated, the work behind the film should not be. With an exception to the mature and triggering content, the film is spectacular that celebrates the life and music of Elton John.

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