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Onward (2020)

A recently released Disney animated film centered around a world where magic use to exist with its magical creatures. Ian Lightfoot, a 15-year old elf, has never met his father before, but his older brother, Barley, has at a young age. When Ian receives a long-awaited present from his late father on his 16th birthday, Ian learns that he’s a wizard and is about to get the chance to meet his father finally. However, Ian and Barley must embark on a magical adventure to cast a spell to reincarnate their father back for 24 hours. This magical animated story about the importance of family is a wholesome one.

The writing is funny. It lightened up some of the gloomy plots. The writing was also predictable because it had the same elements of an adventure, journey movie. The film didn’t have any plot or element that was extremely monumental that made the film special from any other adventure movie. The story was simple and familiar where a couple of friends go on an adventure looking for something, but there’s a beast that impedes their journey. It was a basic, adventure storyline movie with not much complexity or in-depth plots.

The landscape is beautiful. There were varied colors that constantly surprised you and each color complemented each other. The score was magical and correlated with the theme of the film. There wasn’t a distinctive effect on the graphics. It looked like every other animated film without any of its own unique elements.

Small things that I enjoyed were how the LGBTQ+ community was represented, there were small elements that all tied together, a quick-paced movie without all the unnecessary details, and unpredictable and a bit unsatisfying ending.

This is a family-friendly film that is heavy on the importance of family. I believe children and some young adults would enjoy this, but most would not. It was a mediocre film with a basic, reoccurring adventure storyline. I was highly disappointed and felt my time wasted watching this highly-advertised film.

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