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Hercules (1997)

A Disney classic that is great to watch with the whole family. Hercules, son of the Gods Zeus and Hera, is turned mortal and is misplaced from his biological family by the evil Hades, brother of Zeus. Hercules grows up living life as a unique boy with super strength. He aims to be a hero to be reunited with his biological parents and with the Gods. However, Hades and love get in his way. With help from some interesting friends, Hercules tries to save Mount Olympus and the Gods from Hades’s wrath.

I really enjoyed this film because it went quick and there were never any dry moments. It was a simple movie with a good plot, twist, and ending. This is the type of movie you should watch if you are ever feeling down and need a good laugh or a nostalgic, childhood moment.

For a 1997 film, the graphics for the characters, effects, and scenery/design are amazing. It was really intricate. The graphics made the scenery captivating filled with splendid colors. The colors complimented well one another. There was always something to look at. The transitions and camerawork were engaging and captivating. For a 1997 animated movie, I wasn’t expecting such high-quality scenes.

The writing is hilarious and light-hearted. The characters were unique with different backgrounds. I enjoyed how they weren’t too complex for a children, animated movie. The story is sensible. It didn’t stray too far away from the original Greek mythology story. Hercules’s background is accurate of him being a demi-god and hero. There so many twists and surprises. This movie was unpredictable which I enjoyed.

The music is great. It was dramatic and helpful at keeping the audience engaged in the scenes. I love how the songs tell a story while still being catchy and summarizes a portion of the plot so the film could move past the mediocre, repetitive scenes.

However, there were flaws in scenes where things just weren’t there before but appear suddenly. It made me confused as to what happened in the plot for the object to randomly show up. It was sloppy on the directing’s part.

This is a classic, childhood movie that tells a story about the Greek Gods, what it takes to be a hero, and love. It is a short, fast-moving film that gets to the point with hilarious scenes and beautiful settings. It’ll leave you feeling satisfied and warm after.

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